Creating knowledge-based organisations: Knowledge management research within civil society organisations in Macedonia, by Katerina Mojanchevska and Violeta Simjanovska

Knowledge gathering and sharing are key parts of the knowledge management initiatives. An effective process of knowledge management requires a supporting organisational infrastructure that clearly sets the guidelines and communication schemes of who, how and when gathers data, where data is disposed and further transferred within the organisation and the wider community.

The aim of this report is, on one side, to identify and analyze key processes, techniques and tools for creating and harnessing knowledge in Performing Arts Center MULTIMEDIA from Skopje, Macedonia and, on the other side, to provide information on the status of the subject among the civil society sector in Macedonia.

Moreover, this report is designed to support the civil society organisations in finding, creating, managing and sharing knowledge to improve their performance by introducing the value of knowledge management, providing portfolio of KM tools and techniques and providing approaches to organisational processes which support KM.

The book is available in English language and can be freely downloaded here.

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