Underground Festival (2000)

The first attempt for organized action took place in 1992, when Anarchist Youth Federation organized the first Macedonian underground festival with 15 bands all of them from Macedonia. In 1996 AYF for the second time was the organizer of the Macedonian underground festival now with 8 domestic bands and one band from Croatia.

In January 1998 Corpus Delicti Tapes, succeeded in organizing the greatest East – European underground festival with 15 bands from 9 different countries. During this festival two panel discussion were held with representatives from the participating countries. All together during these three days in January 1998 in Skopje, more than 80 European underground artists exchanged ideas and shared thoughts.

In 1999, Corpus Delicti Tapes make new edition of underground festival, now with name “All ordinary people”. In 2000 year we don’t make a festival because we want to replace the time to organized the festival in May. The name of this year’s festival is ‘Child of 20th century’.

For more information, please contact info@multimedia.org.mk

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