Strategy for Cultural Development of Municipality Gazi Baba for a period of 5 years (2006)

The Strategy for cultural development of the municipality of Gazi Baba (2006-2011) is based on a through out research and provides a vision focused on the needs and aspiration of its citizens and defines priorities and assists in settling extreme options. This document also identifies positive contributions of the cultural activities in Gazi Baba to the social, economic and ecological development of the municipality and in general, to the improvement of the life quality of its citizens. This strategy encourages creating new partnerships and finding solutions to new cultural challenges.

The document offers a vision, a general strategy goal (overall and general) and five specific strategy goals (cultural policy and specific fields in culture). For each of these goals, a list of activities is provided (these activities are given as optimal in this moment for carrying out these goals) and indicators for measurement of the results.


The municipality of Gazi Baba should provide progress in the cultural life that will fulfill its potentials to challenge, make happy, inspire, educate and make better and richer its citizens in all aspects.

Main strategy goal:

The municipality of Gazi Baba to provide good quality and efficient service to its citizens that will support a sustainable cultural development, by promoting social inclusion and active citizenship.

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