Local Cultural Policies in the Republic of Macedonia (Strategies for Local Cultural Development) (2007-2009)

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Planning the local cultural development is one of the key instruments of local cultural policy. The plan for culture development of one municipality presents an indicator of the cultural state of that environment. In order to prepare the plan, it should also include analyses of current and general challenges of cultural life and the needs of the citizens.

The very existence of the culture does not imply that the direction of its development is specifically determined in a form of series of goals and objectives, which should be carried out through the assistance of certain measures, tools and activities and exactly all these things define our project which is focused on determination of the local cultural policy of five municipalities in Macedonia: Resen, Debar, Probishtip, Negotino and Strumica.

The project was designed to promote discussion, identify challenges, exchange best practices and disseminate knowledge concerning the current role of culture in urban governance, from city objectives (policy making and programs) to the methodologies (research methodologies or strategic planning).

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