Improving Cultural Understanding in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH): research and capacity building project (2010-2011)

Cover Bosnian Institution Report
Within the scope of The MDGF programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina “Improving Cultural Understanding in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH)”, which is a joint initiative by UNDP, UNESCO and UNICEF, funded through the Spanish MDG Achievement Fund, PAC Multimedia is implementing the project Culture Management Practices among EU and Swiss cultural institutions as a model for cultural institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Programme aims to strengthen cross-cultural understanding in Bosnia and Herzegovina by: Developing and implementing cultural policies and legal frameworks; Improving cross-cultural understanding at the community level; Strengthening the cultural industries; and Improving tolerance levels towards diversity.

The project encompasses:

  • Analysis of the best practices of Culture Management in EU cultural institutions;
  • Analysis of the current context of Cultural Management in BiH;
  • Organisation of two trainings on Strategic planning and Fund-raising and EU funds for public cultural institutions in BiH.
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