Culture from-for all: Policy cooperation among Macedonia and Kosovo (2009-2012)

Regional Conference Skopje 2010
The project is based on the presumption that culture is not just some kind of an extra option to the municipalities in the Republic of Macedonia and Republic of Kosovo, but it is its essential component for social cohesion, an improvement to the life quality of its citizens regardless of their ethnical, religious, educational, social, gender background, as well as to its economic development.

Project aims to:

  • Increase and encourage the citizens` participation in policy making and decision-making activities on local level;
  • Identify and develop an efficient system of mechanisms in the area of culture that would lead to a systematic cultural development of the municipalities;
  • Improve the influence of artists over policy creation process at local and national level in both of the countries and to make them to have a critical approach toward society processes;
  • Improve the regional cooperation among the municipalities in both countries.

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