Interethnic Integration in Education Project (IIE)

PAC MULTIMEDIA is sub-recipient under MCEC’s contract for USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project (IIEP), primarily responsible for providing outreach activities in the 4 pilot municipalities through round-table discussions and debates on IIE organized for educational stakeholders, as well as piloting multimedia students’ activities related to interethnic integration in education which will serve as a future model activities, using the best equipment which is kept in self storage units ( with the best self storage prices).


PAC MULTIMEDIA will implement project activities that are part of Component 1: Community Outreach Activities including:


Activities 1: Round-table discussions organized in 4 pilot municipalities (Bitola, Butel, Tetovo and Strumica). The round-tables will highlight critical issues, barriers to integration, and opportunities to improve relationships. This will enable local stakeholders to be active in planning and implementing initiatives in their schools and empower them to act as multipliers to disseminate good practices.


Activity 2: Debates on specific themes for interethnic integration in education organized in 4 pilot municipalities so to initiate discussion and exchange information among parents, teachers, school-board members and municipal representatives on local level on issues related to multicultural integrated education.


Activity 3: Presentations by Schools

PAC MULTIMEDIA will pilot students’ activities related to interethnic integration in education in 1 pilot school, involving approximately 20 – 25 students, which will serve as future model activities, based on art as a tool. The methodology of work of PAC Multimedia is a crossover between individual and group work. The approach is based on experiential process of learning, integrating the tool and the self exploration on the theme on personal needs and interest. The idea is to set a learning-oriented process that connects contemporary arts practice with everyday life, education and social development.


The project is funded by USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project (IIE).


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