Youth exploring human right in Macedonia (2008-2009)

Human rights
Youth exploring human right in Macedonia” is six months educational and process oriented project with aim to strenghten the capacities of young people from secondary schools in the Republic of Macedonia so they can promote human rights and equality in their community and close environment, exercising in such way citizen’s rights. The project includes different workshops on human rights education, review of case study and research activities, as well as education on various media and art tool, all directed toward development of new approach for social inclusion and non-formal human-rights education based on art. We want to underline the fact about the importance of art used as a tool for social inclusion, especially in situations that are dealing with political, social and economical misbalance.

The initial inspiration for this project is the issue of media/art/culture accountability and its approach to the subject of human rights, seeing it through the eyes of the young people from Macedonia.

We hope to provide safe environment where participants can broaden their knowledge about human rights concepts as well as the use of art as a toll for social change by gaining new skills in socially active video production. This learner-oriented training program will contribute to their development of a positive self-concept, new knowledge and new practical skills for social integration and cohesion and hope to enable the youth to take active role in the transitional society, broadening their views and perspectives on alternative ways of human rights education and social intervention. We see these activities as a bridge for promotion of human rights and intercultural learning.
Involved secondary schools from Skopje:

  1. SUGS “Nikola Karev”,
  2. SUGS “Zef Ljush Marku”,
  3. SUGS “Pance Arsovski”
  4. SUGS “Marija Sklodovska-Kiri”

The project was finacially supported by the Assisting Communities Together (ACT) Project of OHCHR and UNDP, TINEX Markets from Skopje, Restaurant “BALKANIKA” and the City of Skopje and made throught the collaboration with Art Academy ESRA and Meze-bar SOPOTSKO.

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