Annual Reports

PAC Multimedia’s financial management is based on the principles of transparency, accountability and integrity. PAC Multimedia keeps detailed documentation on all expenditures and have integrated accounting of all projects. Based on donor’s requirements projects are administered through separate account and the submitted financial reports are in line with the donor’s specifications. The financial management of PAC Multimedia is executed by qualified economist, who is external collaborator of the organisation, engaged in contract work, and in accordance with the Law on Accounting and Company Law. The financial management is operated by the Executive Director. In addition, the organisation submits financial reports to all donors and adopts the annual financial report on revenues and expenditures.


Financial reports 2012, 2013



     Annual Report and Financial Statement 2011



Annual Report 2010
Annual Report and Financial Statement 2010



Cover 2009
Annual Report and Financial Statement 2009




Annual Report and Financial Statement 2008




Annual report cover 2007
Annual Report and Financial Statement 2007