About us

The Performing Arts Centre Multimedia was initiated in 1998 and formally established in 2000 as an independent, non – governmental, non-profit organization in the field of culture, youth, education and social issues in the Republic of Macedonia. PAC Multimedia operates locally, nationally, regionally and internationally.

The main role of the PAC Multimedia is to inform, create and promote cooperation in the region and wider, as well as to stimulate dialogue throughout the region.

We, the people who created PAC Multimedia, are visionaries; we promote new ideas and serve as an encouragement to the Macedonian cultural and youth sector, to fit in and to act in accordance with the times of change in which we live.

The strategic policy of PAC Multimedia is to be a creative base where the energy of the cultural and youth sector will focus on the moving force to create and develop new standards in cultural living, raising the level of consciousness through education, informing, promotion and production.

PAC Multimedia is a space for KNOW – HOW transfer, an initiating force in creating and developing new standards of living in a wider cultural and social context, and with their implementation, actively takes part in the integrating processes of the Republic of Macedonia and in the Balkan region, getting closer to the positive models of civil societies.

We are a centre which has a great number of collaborators, young people, developing the corporation with volunteers. We cooperate with many institutions and independent groups and we are open for all kinds of initiatives and ideas that come from outside, but are tuned in with our strategy.




PAC Multimedia’s vision is to become a center of excellence, well integrated in the community and internationally widely recognized as such, an initiating force in creating and developing new standards of living in the wider cultural and social context in Macedonia and in the region (Balkan).




All we do is to focus on the values that society is gaining through arts and culture, thus performing in practice the values of a democratic society. PAC Multimedia is engaged in performing higher professional standards in the transfer of knowledge and experience, working directly with young people, bringing together innovative art, public debate, research, education, life-long learning and socially engaged work.




– Cultural operators and policy makers;

– Young people;

– Municipalities and public institutions;

– Intellectuals, academics and researchers;

– Professional artists and art operators;

– Sub-cultural groups;

– Socially marginalized groups.










– To influence the wider cultural and social context on local, national and regional level;

– To strengthen the capacities of young people and support their active participation in the community;

– To create conditions for generating highly artistic criteria and standards and to support cultural production;

– To become a center of excellence for the transfer of know-how;

– To assist and serve needs of artists, operators and institutions with creating new and educational programmes based on advancing knowledge;

– To conduct research in the cultural field in Macedonia;

– To create new programmes of highest professional standards in the field of cultural policy.




On the basis of the analysis and available methodologies, we have selected our overall developmental strategies:


– Quality achievement strategies: achievements of excellence education and transfer of knowledge;

– Programming and organizational strategies: diversification of programmes; diversification of resources; commercialization of programmes and spread of services;

– Linkage strategies: decentralization of activities;

– Strategies to engage the public: lobbying and support- gathering strategies; public commitment strategies and changes in the public space reviewers and trainers/professors.