Guide to Citizen Participation in Local Cultural Policy Development for European Cities, by Jordi Pascual i Ruiz and Sanijn Dragojevic (translation into Macedonian language)

Creating knowledge
This book aims to identify concretely who the makers and shakers of local cultural policies are in today’s Europe, and, by doing so, to put forward the theoretical premises that frame the future evolution of local urban policies – those that directly influence the individual’s level of cultural participation and well being. Culture, as a fourth pillar of development in relation to human rights, and urban space as the place for cultural participation, are only two of the key issues discussed in the guide.” – Corina Şuteu, President of the ECUMEST Association, Bucharest; Director of the Romanian Cultural Institute, New York.

The translation and print of the publication in Macedonian language was supported by the European Cultural Foundation and in part, through U.S. Embassy grant. The opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed herein are those of the Author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of the Department of State.

The Introduction to the Macedonian version is made by Violeta Simjanovska.

The book is available in Macedonian language and can be freely downloaded here.


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